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RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher

RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher

RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher

The RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher is a game-changer for small living spaces. Its compact design and powerful features make it a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and efficient way to clean dishes.

Key Features

Powerful High-Pressure 360-Degree Three-Dimensional Jet

The dishwasher’s high-pressure jet ensures thorough cleaning of dishes from all angles, leaving no residue behind.

75-Degree High Temperature Drying

With high temperature drying, the dishwasher ensures that your dishes are not only clean but also completely dry and ready to use.

No Need for Secondary Cleaning

Forget about the hassle of secondary cleaning. The RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher takes care of everything in one go.

Compact Design

This convenient dishwasher can fit a variety of dishes and is ideal for small-sized houses, apartments, dorms, boats, and campers/RVs.

Extra-Drying Function

This feature adds extra heat to the final rinse to enhance drying results, ensuring that your dishes are perfectly dry and ready to use.

No Hooks Required

This dishwasher can be connected directly to the kitchen faucet, making it convenient and quick to set up.

Applicable To

This small desktop unit has 6 standard spaces, making it ideal for small homes or large kitchens that live in confined spaces.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us. We believe that any problem can be resolved through communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the dishwasher fit large pots and pans?

Yes, the dishwasher is designed to fit a variety of dishes, including large pots and pans.

Is the dishwasher easy to install?

Yes, the dishwasher can be easily connected to the kitchen faucet without the need for additional hooks or complicated installation processes.


The RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher is a convenient and powerful solution for small living spaces. With its compact design and high-pressure cleaning and drying features, it provides efficient and convenient dishwashing without the need for secondary cleaning. Say goodbye to the hassle of hand-washing dishes and embrace the convenience of the RENXR Mini Portable Dishwasher.