DTF Powder White Digital Transfer Hot Melt Adhesive

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DTF Powder White Digital Transfer Hot Melt Adhesive

DTF Powder White Digital Transfer Hot Melt Adhesive

DTF Powder White Digital Transfer Hot Melt Adhesive

What is DTF Powder or pretreat Powder?

JECQBOR High Quality DTF Powder is a hot melt powder made of polyurethane resin and grinded into adhesive powder. It’s used to cover the print before the process of pressing begins. Wide range of compatibility: you can print patterns on lycra/cotton/nylon/swimsuit fabric/high elastic fabric/chemical fiber/leather/flocking and other materials. It takes cloth decorative levels to new level.


  • Support hot and cold peeling, Increase productivity.
  • Soft to the touch, high color adhesion.
  • Durable: good washing resistance, scratch resistant, yellowing resistance.
  • Multiple ways to use: suitable for automatic vibrating screen and manual use.

How to use DTF White Hot Melt Powder

  1. Print the pattern
  2. Step 1: Print your design on PET film (you need to prepare the DTF Ink, printer and film yourself)

  3. Powder application
  4. Step 2: Apply powder shake well, let the hot melt powder stick to the printed pattern, then shake off the excess powder.

  5. Melting powder
  6. Step 3: Put the film with hot melt powder into the oven and bake until the hot melt powder melts. It is recommended to bake at 120°C for 3 minutes.

  7. Pattern transfer
  8. Step 4: Lay the patterned side of the treated film flat on the garment you want the pattern to be printed on, heat press at 170°C for 30 seconds using a heat press machine.

  9. Tear off the film
  10. Step 5: Slowly tear off the PET film along any corner, you can choose two ways: hot tearing and cold tearing.

  11. Reinforcement pattern
  12. Step 6: Reuse the heat press to heat the pattern at 170°C for 30 seconds, this step can improve the durability of the pattern.

Product Features

  • Uniform powder particles, no clogging
  • Easy to operate
  • PU material, feels soft and stretchy
  • High Quality, the transfer pattern is bright in color, washable, scratch-resistant, and yellowish resistant
  • Wide Compatibility, works with all DTF & DTG printers on the market and any PET film size
  • Excellent Performance, suitable for pattern transfer of Lycra/cotton/nylon cloth/swimsuit cloth/high elastic cloth/chemical fiber/leather/flocking and other materials
Package Includes

500g hot melt powder. NOTE: To use the DTF Transfer Adhesive, you need a DTF printer and DTF film (not included in the package).